Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can Anyone Stop China?

I missed the middle ends of the game between Canada and China during the 9th draw. But my students and I saw that last few ends. We were really impressed with the shooting of the Canadian team, firing take-out rocks through the narrow port to remove Chinese shot-rocks so deftly drawn there. And when Jones had a draw to the 8-foot to win, we were sure Team Canada would emerge victorious, despite our concerns about their not having kept the end cleaner.

Going into that match, every one of the Team Canada curlers was ranked number one at her position by Curlcast [ I'm not sure if that link will work; if it doesn't, you can find the Curlcast data by following the links from the CCA. The stats from this morning's draw still have not been posted, but from what I saw, I was mighty impressed overall with the team from China. They look to be a serious force with which other teams must reckon.

And now, halfway through the 10th draw, even though it is not being shown in Canada, we can see from Curlcast that China is leading the USA 7 - 1 after five ends. Can anyone stop China?



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