Sunday, March 30, 2008

Canadian Women Win the 2008 Ford World Championship

Jennifer Jones and her rink won the championship game against China, 7-4, running the Chinese out of rocks in the 10th end.

The big blow came early. China began by taking only one, but then Canada scored three in the second. After that the teams traded singles for a few ends, but then with Canada up 4-3 with the hammer, Canada took two in the seventh to go up 6-3, and the game was all but out of sight for Canada.

Somehow it doesn't seem right that China beat Canada twice on the way to this game and then lost the last one, but that's the way the championship is structured. And watch out for the team from China in the future -- they spend an inordinate amount of time practicing and will likely be even better in the future.

I must say, in this game the Jones rink look VERY good, especially compared with their near-misses and losses earlier in the tournament.

Congratulations to Team Canada! And also to China, Japan, and Switzerland, all of whom curled so well and provided much better entertainment that many had expected.



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