Saturday, March 29, 2008

China-Canada - Wow!

For various reasons I did not see Canada's win, described by Doc below, in the semi-final, except for part of the tenth end, standing in a Sears store with ONE screen showing curling (I suspect because all the screens were HD and the basketball was in HD and the curling looked awful on that one screen). My wife and I left the screen just before Jones' great freeze.

Worse, I will be in the air during the final tomorrow, or in Denver airport, where I suspect none of the screens will be carrying the match. So I will not see it.

And that is too bad. I have LOVED watching China where I could - they are not only playing very well, but they play aggressively, even when they probably should not. With a large lead, they still seem to like complicated houses, and their confidence in extricating themselves from resulting trouble has so far been justified.

I wish both teams well. Jones' rink has been hanging on by its fingernails, and Wang's has had a relative breeze (she has won some key squeakers, though). It's only one game now and can go either way.


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