Monday, April 06, 2009

Ford World's, Draw 8 - Canada vs Germany Before the Break

Germany is again represented by the excellent veteran Andy Kapp.

End #1: Germany put a rock in the back of the house. Martin tosses up a corner guard. Germany go into the very front of the house. Canada removes all the German rocks and now have a rock in the front of the 12-foot. Germany removes the in-house rock, hanging just off the house. Canada punches it away and sits. Germany remove it but roll into irrelevance, where they meant to roll into relevance. Kennedy buries nicely behind the Canadian guard. Germany make a great runback double! Morris buries behind the previous German shooter, now serving as a guard. Germany remove it but roll into the open on the button. Still, a fine shot. Morris wrecks on the guard, and sort of chips off the German rock. We now have a German rock sort of behind cover, and nothing else in the house. They toss up another guard (I am not sure that was the plan) and shot rock is pretty buried but now Canada can get inside the German rock and under cover. Pretty good at 10 o'clock on the edge of the four-foot - the unintended guard is now guarding the enemy rock. This is SUCH A tricky sport. Germany make a fine tap-back but they leave Martin a shot for two. Martin notes that an obvious error is to give Germany a steal of two. Let us see. Great hit and roll by Martin, with NO sweeping, and the comment "It curled like crazy", to give Canada two. I think this is one of the best ends I have seen played against Martin so far.

End #2: Something evil took control of my blogging. May have had to do with the breadmaker. Anyway Germany looked in great shape early and then let Martin make a great shot (well, not Martin - maybe a teammate). By the end it looked as if it might require a great shot for Germany just to get their one. They got their one.

To me it seems Germany are giving a little more game than I have seen so far against Canada!

End #3: Well we did not expect to be here. House filling up. German guard out front, and two Canadian and German rocks in the house all near noon, Goodbye all German rocks! I guess that is the risk. Great German hit and roll to hide behind centre-line rocks! Canada rearranges rocks in the front of the house. Morris removes all German rocks from the house. Germany wrecks on a front rock and now they are likely in some real trouble, unlike the earlier unreal trouble. Morris misses a shot - let's see what Germany can do. German tapback attempt comes up short. Martin produces a stunning hit and roll - Canada lie 2. Germany want to freeze to one of those rocks. And it is not a bad tapback but no freeze. Martin does not like his release - they turn it into, by sweeping, a semi-peel, that lets them score one.

These Germans are proving tough.

End #4: Thanks to TSN I have little idea how we got here. Canada has center guard, rock on the button, and one at about 3 o'clock. Germany tap the button rock back and Canada respond by removing the German rock completely and staying. Germany clear the guard. (The blather, now about the glasses of one of the Germans, is getting really stupid.) Canada rock seems to pick. Nice German hit removes the Canadian rock near the button but shooter lies open. OK Canada lying two again. Germany buries at the front of the four. Martin plans a tapback. Far enough back to lie two. Kapp doubles, maybe lying two now. I have no idea what happened - I guess the Martin rock just went too long. Kapp has a hit for at least two. Tied after 4! Kapp's team are a problem.

Blather time - "It's like a car on only seven cylinders or on six cylinders". Mine maxes at six, and for almost 30 years I drove 4-cylinder cars. How dumb are these people?

End #5: Canada do a hit and roll behind a corner guard. Germany kill it and stay but ignorably. Canada bury nicely at the top of the eight-foot. Germany AGAIN do a great runback double. Canada bury in the twelve-foot behind the previous shooter but Canada is not shot. Germany try to tuck behind the Canadian rock but wreck on it. Morris, not quite as planned, does a hit and roll and Canada lies one, not protected enough to prevent a nice hit and roll from Germany into the middle of the house. Martin hits and rolls over in front of the German rock in the back 12; Canada is now shot but this is not pretty. Kapp clears Martin's rock, no jam, and loses the shooter. Martin has a hit for two. It is a bit hard to understand how well-rewarded Canada might have been! Martin hits but loses the shooter (calling the sweeping instruction, "What the Hell?") so are up only one now after five and Germany has the hammer.



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