Saturday, December 12, 2009

Women's Finals! Roar of the Rings, End #8

The battery on the laptop is getting very low. This may have to be it. Bell into the top 12 for Kleibrink. Tight corner guard by Bartel for Bernard. Now a 2nd guard by Bartel in the top 12 for Kleibrink. Bartel hits and sticks on one. Hit and flop by Webster for Kleibrink. Set up a double for Darbyshire; nose hit and got only one. Hit and roll away by Webster. Hit and stick, exposed by Darbyshire. Hit and stick outside the rings by Nixon. The double is still there for O'Connor. She hit and stuck on the rock in the rings, but didn't roll behind the guard. Nixon made a beauty hit-and-roll behind the guard, but it leaves a short double for O'Connor. Instead, Bernard has her draw around the nearly forgotten corner guard. Nice shot.

Only 10% of the battery power left....

Nice draw through the hole by Kleibrink to tap the B rock away and sit in the 4'. It is exposed, though and the hole is not particularly small. Kleibrink's % has risen; O'connor's has slipped.

Bernard tries to hit and roll on the Kleibrink shot rock. Hits and rolls almost covered on the button. There's a thick double for Kleibrink, but if they keep discussing the shot, I won't be able to post about it.
7% of the power left....



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