Friday, December 11, 2009

Semi - Kleibrink - McCarville

Sorry - got caught up in Law and Order episodes.
Three ends in and Kleibrink is where form would say should be - 3-1 up after three ends.
END #4:
Saskatchewan rules, it seems. George tosses up a good guard. Nixon peels the guard. Amy wants to peel, Shannon is less sure. Peeling happens. McCarville guards again and Kleibrink tucks in and freezes to a McCarville rock behind guards. Perfect freeze by McCarville! Kleibrink does not get on top of it - 3-2 Kleibrink now!
END #5: McCarville, delightfully crazy, comes into the house early. A truly brilliant shot clears the house. McCarville is back in, but Kleibrink clears. Now they are back - Amy makes a good throw but things remain a bit messy. Nixon does not clean up as hoped. Kleibrink makes a brilliant shot clearing out McCarville rocks. McCarville can still force a single from Kleibrink; that is what happens.
END #6: Lang starts off with a great guard and a great freeze to a Kleibrink rock in the house. A Kleibrink error leaves Lang's freeze untouched and MacLean comes and sits on top of it. A few rocks later Kleibrink has the shot rocks but it is all McCarville in front of her. George finally manages a hit and roll behind cover. Kleibrink knocks it out. McCarville tucks herself in behind a guard. Kleibrink follows her in with a gorgeous freeze. McCarville comes up short and Kleibrink takes one more.
END #7: Lang makes a perfect tap on a Kleibrink rock on the button. MacLean adds to crowding there, and in the end McCarville takes one,
Sorry - Had to go to bed at that point.
Not a surprise but Kleibrink won 10-5. She goes up against Berhard Saturday.


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