Thursday, December 10, 2009

Draw 14: Conclusion

A very close game, and whatever misses there have been have been relatively minor or only partial misses. Great curling going into the last three ends tied at five.

End 8. Standard opening again. Nice double by Laing to remove two Martin stones. Martin split the rings, and Howard tries an angle raise double off his own rock. Removes one and moves the other Martin rock to leave Howard sitting two. Martin plays a perfect hit and freeze. Howard replies with a run-back single (trying for a double) and scores one. Howard 6, Martin 5.

End 9.Different opening. Otherwise Martin would have been able to blank the end. Should be fun. This is SO much better curling than the match we saw this afternoon. Morris freezes beautifully to a Howard rock. Howard wrecks, Martin is heavy, Hebert doesn't lift his hair broom away from the rock's path, and some of controversy. Martin makes a terrific raise double to score three. Amazing!!
Martin 8, Howard 6.

End 10. The Howard team looks stunned. They are trying to put up corner guards, and Martin removes them, while still having two on the button. Big miss by Morris who didn't remove the guard but removed a Martin stone from the rings. Fantastic saving double by Martin. Wow, again! Howard leaves his shot open. Martin peels it and wins. Howard plays Stouton in the Semi-Finals. Martin gets the bye.



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