Thursday, December 10, 2009

Draw 13: Second Half

I hate to say this, but I'm not convinced that either of these teams (McCarville, Webster) could end up on the podium at the Olympics. Too many misses. Indeed, their curling percentages are considerably lower than those of the top teams.

End 6. With her last rock, McCarville attempted to pick a Webster rock out but instead took out the Webster rock along with two of her own, allowing Webster to blank the end.
End 7. Webster missed a draw and scored only one. zzzzzzzzz.
End 8. The thirds on both teams are curling only mid-60s percentages. McCarville makes a fine hit and roll to lie one behind guards. Webster wrecks on one of the guards with her last rock. Then McCarville's draw is too heavy and she scores only one. McCarville 5, Webster 3.
End 9. Guard, peel, etc. until a McC shooter sticks as a guard. Webster come-around to a McC rock in the rings. Pick by McC, replaced by Webster. Webster well-set to score two, but her first draw is light. So McCarville hits and sticks to lie three. Webster has a hit-and-stick for one. Barely scored one. McCarville 5, Webster 4.

It is really clear the announcers are trying (and struggling) to say nice things now and then about the shots in this game. It is also really clear that there is a sizeable gap in performance between the top teams and the rest.

End 10. McCarville is up 5-4 with the hammer coming home. If she wins, she'll force a tie-breaker with Holland, who just demolished the Scott rink (man, did I ever pick them wrong!) and with Lawton, who just handed Bernard her only defeat. Two centre guards by Webster, nice come-around by Lang (McC lead), followed by nice come-around by Preston (Webster's 2nd). Guard, remove, guard, remove, guard, remove, guard.... Wtf is Webster guarding? she's second shot and McC is shot. And in the end, Webster misses a hit-and-stick. McCarville wins 6-4 and will be part of the tie-breaking marathon that is shaping up.



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