Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Draw 10: Second Half

The Martin team dominated the first half of the end. It will be interesting to see how the Ferbey team reacts.

End #6: Two centre guards by Ferbey, two come-arounds by Martin. Nice tap by Nedohin, leaving Martin with a raise double on his last shot, but it jammed. Steal of one by Ferbey. Martin 5, Ferbey 3.

End #7: Similar start with a centre guard by Ferbey, but this time followed by come-arounds with the remaining lead stones. Beautiful double peel by Mark Kennedy -- he should get bonus marks for that shot! Lots of ensuing guard-peel-guard-peel, etc. even with rocks in the rings. This is definitely NOT club-level curling! Martin scores 2. Martin 7, Ferbey 3.

End #8: Oops. Work got in the way again, so I missed the first eight rocks. I see there are two Martin rocks and one Ferbey rock in the rings; no guards. In the end, Ferbey scored 2. Martin 7, Ferbey 5.

End #9: The end begins with a centre guard, but Hebert (Martin lead) moved it over; the next guard was pushed back to the back line and barely stayed in. So now the come-arounds begin. With his last shot, Nedohin just missed a double, leaving Martin a draw to the 4' for two. Martin 9, Ferbey 5. Handshakes. I must say, the Martin rink looks VERY good.



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