Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Draw 9, second half

After the first half, Kleibrink leads Bernard 4-2. Bernard dodged bullets often and Kleibrink dominated more than the score showed.

End #6: Fascinating analysis by Russ Howard, who pulls no punches. Kleibrink's last rock: a double attempt that was close and pretty darned good, leaving Bernard with only a draw or hit for one. She elects to try the hit. Nice pick. Kleibrink 4, Bernard 3.

End #7: Through 6 ends, Bell (lead for Kleibrink) is curling 100% and Darbyshire (2nd for Bernard) is curling only 65%. These two percentages more than anything else probably account for the Kleibrink lead over Bernard.

Another note: As Alan has mentioned, it is really annoying to miss the first few shots of the end. Not seeing those shots makes it harder to maintain interest --- Take Note, TSN!

Neither team was able to establish a guard for this end. We're looking at 1980s curling as a result. No surprise, a blank end.

End #8: This should be fun. Bernard puts up a near-centre guard, Kleibrink comes around to the top 12, Bernard tries a come-around, but freezes to it, which ends up making life difficult for Kleibrink. Great shot by Darbyshire and a near miss by Webster leave Bernard in pretty good shape for this end even though Kleibrink has the hammer. A complete flash by Nixon, followed by two Kleibrink misses put Bernard in an even better position. Bernard steals two. Bernard 5, Kleibrink 4.

End #9: Wow. Bernard has the advantage again, as Nixon flashes again. And then Bernard makes an amazing draw, followed by at least as amazing draw by Kleibrink through a tight portal for one. Bernard 5, Kleibrink 5. Bernard has the hammer going home.

End #10: Again, the Bernard team seems to grab the advantage early on, then Nixon wrecks on a guard and O'Connor essentially triples off the yellow guards. With the hammer, Bernard is in great shape to win this. Kleibrink makes a fine draw, and Bernard opts for a run-back take-out for three. Bernard wins 8-5.

Thoughts: wow, did the Kleibrink team ever fall apart in the second half. Russ Howard pointed out numerous strategic errors; also the curling percentages plummeted for Webster, Nixon, and Kleibrink. At the same time, Darbyshire improved and Bernard never seemed to lose here cool.

What a difference from the first half of the draw!



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