Sunday, December 06, 2009

Roar of The Rings - Draw 1 Live-Blog - Ends 6-on

End #6:
Wow have I seen worse TV coverage? We enter ends with many rocks in play, the TSN team choose not to name the members of the Holland team. I have three of their names now, but may never learn the name of the lead, as her rocks are gone by the time the ads are over. I am building a list of the advertisers as I really do not like this.
And indeed all Holland lead rocks in play. This is horrible. I loathe it.
OK empty house with the first Officer rock to come. She drops a center guard. Tammy Schneider peels. Officer pust up another guard. The peel attempt leaves a rock out front and Overton gets sort of behind it. Sorry - missed some shots (I have a life) but Overton leaves a rock in the eight foot at roughly nine o'clock and open. It gets peeled and Jones tries to get in behind a Holland guard out front at 1 o'clock, but it is pretty wide open. Holland hits and rolls into the open at 11 o'clock in the front of the eight-foot. Jones hits and rolls past cover. Holland blanks.
END #7:
My fault this time - caught up in Lady Gaga, figuring the end would be over before TSN returned. And in fact I am right to a degree - this is major yammering going on while play goes on. Does TSN think actual curling is boring and therefore we should have almost brain-dead chatter instead of actual coverage of play with, like, the names of the players?
This is awful.
Two Jones rocks in the house, one Holland rock in between, all roughly vertically alingned on the center. No guards out there at the moment. Officer guards. Tammy Schneider peels. (The front Jones rock is roughly on the button.) Overton guards. Kim Schneider chips out the front Jones rock and sticks! Overton gets a rock to the front eight, behind a Jones rock in front of the house I did not notice. But it is not buried. Kim S puts a beauty in front of the other team rocks, in the front of the eight foot. Jones hits but really does not clean up much - her shooter is open and Holland has two counting rocks (though they are side by side) behind the Jones rock. Holland puts a rock into the four-foot. Jones clears out the second and third Holland rocks; Holland draws for two. She leads 6-3 and still TSN has not told me the name of her lead!
END #8:
Ms. Kalenchuk! Outscoring Askin by miles! First name please?
OK we have Holland rocks in the front of the house, eight and four foot. There is a Jones rock off to the side. And Officer now puts one out in front of the house at left (there is another at right). Holland clears the left guard and rolls over to sit in front of her other center-line rocks. Officer drops a rock into the house, just behind the T-line, at around 4pm in the four foot. Whatever the plan. Holland peels the left front guard. Housecleaning going on. Overton fails to bury a rock. Holland picks it out. Jones tucks a nice hot in to the back of the eight foot behind cover. Holland slightly misses. Joes draws for two. WOW!
END #9:
It's like watching track and field when you rejoin the CBC coverfage in the 1500 and they have already run 800 meters. Rejoining and end with rocks in play is extremely annoying, and this is TSN, who love to claim to serve fans. Jones has a pile ov center line rocks - including one at the front of the four-foot, flanked by Holland rocks. Tammy S just peeled a front guard. Replaced by Officer. Tammy makes a slightly flukily great shot clearing most of the Jones rocks from play. Jones tosses up a center line guard. Overton almost freezes to the Holland rock in the back of the eight foot. Kim Schneider clears that and their own rock - but that is a win. Jones gets her weight wrong and her rock sails by all planned acquaintances. Holland drops a rock into the four foot but goes a tad too deep. Jones deposits a stone in front of the four foot, with Holland stones backing, and it seems she may be shot. Holland thinks not and plans to draw to the button for two. Perfect!! Two for Holland.
END #10: We are into running out of rocks.
Heather Kalenchuk! That is the lead's name, and a fine cross-cultural name it is. Thanks at last, TSN.
I'll take notes if this starts looking other than a foregone conclusion. And that will not happen. Holland 8-5.


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