Sunday, April 19, 2009

Capital One Grey Power Men's Final - Early ends

It's the Ferbey rink (nice to see them again, after they beat Martin in the semi-final) against the younger Howard.
END #1: With a possible but high risk double available for two, Ferbey directs nedohin to play the draw for one, which is perfect. 1-0 Ferbey.

It feels a bit odd watching curling again on the CBC.

I am not sure what this "Grey Power" thing is. I hope to find out.

END #2: Ferbey loses the shooter on a double and lets Hart draw into the front of the house. Sorry - cannot really see the computer screen in the sun. Things will improve. Team Howard put a nice rock into the front of the house and sit two. Nedohin punches out a Howard rock and rolls into the middle. Howard hits and rolls ff the center, as planned. Nedohin nose hits, leaving Howard a hit and stick for two. An invitation he accepts. 2-1 Howard.

There are some things at stake in this match. If the Ferbey rink win, they have a pass into the Olympic Tirals tournament. If they lose , the Middaugh rink gets that slot. There's a lso bonus money in the Capital One series at issue. Seems Howard has the 50K for first lined up but Ferbey could take second over Kevin Martin.

END #3: The CBC broadcast crew do not fully at ease, but we are getting a lot of the team chat about next shots, which is really good. There is a pile of Ferbey rocks in the house, and Howard's only defence looks as if it can get whacked. This could be a major mess of an end - Mike Harris suggests Howard would be happy to lose 3 in this end. Hart hits and rolls into the four-foot to join the other gazillion rocks there. Ferbey adds another rock to the "What a mess". Howard tries a super high risk shot - too complicated to describe. It "is as good as he could have made that shot", says Joan McCusker, tucking a rock into shelter. Nedohin overcurls and there is some cursing on the microphones; team Howard are now joking about a steal. Team Howard are serious and plan a shot Joan McCusker really does not like. First comment on this shot is "Ah no". Some major whack is coming, and nobody is sure whether it will be three or five for Ferbey. Nedohin does his job and Ferbey's rink score four. Wow!

Aha! Grey Power is auto insurance for older coots like me. Maybe it is their ad with the screaming lady in the intersection.

END #4: Howard comes too deep, leaving Nedohin a double he just misses. Draw for three for Howard. MAJOR MAJOR brushing gets it there. 5-5 halfway (it's and eight-end match).


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