Thursday, April 09, 2009

Draw 15, Ends 3 and 4; Live-blogging

End #3: Canada starts with a rock on the top button and another frozen to it. Denmark has a tight corner guard. Poulsen knocks off the rock at the button, Kennedy removes Poulsen's rock to lie two. Jensen draws up short of the Cdn rocks in the rings, so Kennedy peels the Den corner guard. Jensen's second shot is light and overcurls, lying to the side of the 12', short of the stones in the house. Morris takes out that stone but nudges the other Den stone up frozen against the Cdn shot stone at the top of the button.

Schmidt freezes to his own stone. Canada still has shot rock, but Denmark has pretty good position at this point. Morris throws up weight, removes all the Cdn rocks and moves the Dane rocks apart from each other and to the side of the rings. Schmidt draws to the back 4', and Martin tries a double, but gets only one. Denmark lies two. Strange call: Fredriksen peels the front Cdn rock. Martin tries a hit and roll but loses the shooter. Fredriksen draws for two. Nice save of the end.
Canada 5, Denmark 2

End #4:
Two Den guards short of the rings, and two Cdn rocks near the centre in the rings. Den runs one guard back and removes one Cdn rock. Kennedy hits and sticks of the resulting Denmark rock in the rings. Jensen hits that stone and rolls out of the rings. Kennedy draws to the top 8', leaving a possible double, which Schmidt makes. Denmark has one on the top 8' and a bunch of guards on the right of centre. Morris hits and rolls over sort of behind the guards. Schmidt throws a neato double raise takeout, but it opens up the rings. Morris hits and sticks for one. Fredriksen tries a hit-roll to get behind a guard and almost makes it. Martin has tough draw to try to set up a deuce, but it's wide open. Fredriksen makes an excellent hit and roll to lie two and to force Martin to draw for only one.
Canada 6, Denmark 2



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