Wednesday, April 08, 2009

That Kevin Martin Rink - Wow

I have been a curling fan for many years, and got to see the early days of Kevin Martin's prominence in the sport. I did not much care for him then, as he ragged his opponents and his teammates and had a rather one-dimensional, I thought, albeit somewhat effective game.
But today's incarnation of Kevin Martin I find quite delightful - I suspect because both of us have changed over time.
But he has changed the more radically. While not losing the intensity (he was complaining about the other team members yesterday over one shot, though the team won handily), he has created a team that is clearly just full of mutual respect. That is enjoyable to watch. I do not know the whole story of how he built this team, but enlisting John Morris (himself a pretty good skip!) as a third must have been a major enterprise for both of them. So just on a personal basis he made great changes. There is no way John Morris could have worked with that young Kevin Martin.
And his game has changed. He has become someone who can out-Howard Howards!
Watching his rink at the Brier this and last year and now at the World's astonishes me. I so wish this sport were broader-based, as I think we would then REALLY see how good these guys are.
So let me bow and say "I am not worthy".


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