Monday, April 06, 2009

World's, Draw 8, Ends from Six On

End #6: Oops, was off watching "Dancing with the Stars", even though Wozniak is no longer in it.
Canada center guard, two Canada rocks around the button, one Germany rock off at around 3:30. Germany punch out one of the Canada rocks in the house and sit. Kennedy pretty much freezes to that Germany rock. Germany, though the skip shouts 'optimal' in German, move the back Canada rock, but not where they wanted, I am pretty sure, (Well, I cannot see why they wanted the rocks where they are now.) Morris puts another rock into the front of the four-foot. Can Germany double? Kapp realizes things need shuffling. They are not happy about things now. Lang does a sort of peel, removing one Canada rock and one Germany rock. Morris misses his pick on a German rock on the button! Lang misses his shot and now sets up a double - plan was to pile up on the button - instead he angles off a Canada rock. Martin does not get the double - he clears a German rock but Germany still have shot. Kapp leaves a double available again. Martin hits brilliantly - Kapp has a hard draw/hit(double) for one. He misses - Martin steals one.

I will perhaps be reporting in less detail as I also want to watch "Dancing with the Stars". Doc might pick up for me.

End #7: Canada biter at 8 o'clock, German guard in front of the house near the middle. Canada clear the guard and roll into 1 o'clock at the front of the house. Germany draw, open into the back of the four-foot. Morris removes the Germany rock rolling to 5 o'clock in the 8-foot. Germany hit and roll almost into cover at 12:30 in the 8-foot. Morris chips this very hard rock to remove, no sweeping. Germany try to tuck behind the front Canadian rock but wreck. It is slightly moved and they sit open. Four Canadian rocks in the house now, no German ones (Martin hit and stayed). Germany want to draw behind cover. They sort of do but into the very back of the eight-foot. Martin almost corner-freezes to that German rock. Kapp takes his one.

End #8: Will start reporting once Melissa has finished dancing. (She had a bit of a choppy dance this week.)

Germany rocks at 3:30 and 5:45 in the 8-foot, no guards. Canada trying to freeze on the 3:30 rock. Almost perfect. Germany whack the frozen rock, which rolls to the middle, and Canada comes and freezes on the German shooter at 3 o'clock in the 12, with a little more bump. But German hopes for a double are diminished. Germany trying a very hard pick. They remove that last rock, stick, and no jam. Martin draws in for second shot in amongst German rocks around 3 o'clock. Germany is lining up an insane takeout - which works out perfectly! Andy Kapp is no second-rank skip! Martin must now draw for one. And right to the button. The death blow does not occur in this game.

End #9: This has been maddening. I really wanted to watch "Dancing with the Stars".

Hey wait the final of the Final Four is also on!

Vic gives me the news - where is this German team from!? From right by Neuschwanstein. Neat.

Let me try to catch up. Actually let me wait for a rock or two - this is too tricky. OK two Canada rocks in the four foot behind a Germany rock in the 8. German rock wrecks on teammate's and makes not much difference. Sorry - missed what happened but things look as before (Gilles and Cheryl nailed their dance). Seems we are getting competing doubles. After first skip rocks, and competing doubles, we have a Canada rock sitting open in the house. Germany get the blank.

End #10: Big mistake by Germany, going through the house, lets Canada clear the one guard. And its reincarnations. Rinse, lather, repeat. Germany run out of rocks. Nice job by Kapp forcing Canada to 10 ends.



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