Thursday, April 09, 2009

Draw 15: Live-blogging Canada vs. Denmark

Canada, undefeated, takes on Denmark (6-3) in this draw. Denmark has been good so far in the round robin, but has had some spottiness and lapses. This draw will not likely be a walk-over for Canada.

End #1: Denmark is using its spare (Poulsen) at lead; he's deep with his first and short with his second rock, and Hebert for Canada has a corner guard and a draw around a long centre guard. Jensen (DEN 2nd) tried a come-around freeze, but wrecked on the guard, and Kennedy drew into the rings. Canada lies three.

Denmark's skip (Schmidt) throws 3rd stones. Hits and sticks, then hits and rolls into the open. Morris hits and sticks twice. If Denmark hits and rolls right, they can put some pressure on Canada. Fredriksen (skip stone) hits and rolls out. Martin draws around a tight guard to the top 4'. The final Danish stone was a double attempt and would have wrecked on the guard, but was burned with the lead's left foot. Martin draws for 4. Canada 4, Denmark 1.

End #2:
There are probably two reasons that Denmark replaced the lead for today. Their regular lead has the lowest curling percentage of all the leads; and apparently Denmark's win yesterday qualified them for Olympics, so they can shake things up a bit for now. And of course we missed all the leads' stones. Kennedy tries to hit and roll behind two Canadian guards, one in the rings and one tight to the rings, but his shot is exposed a bit. Jensen picks it out but is wide open himself. Morris hits it and over-rolls to the outside wide open. As the Danes discuss their shot, we see Martin watching action on other sheets. Given his play, I suspect he is studying, not just spectating. It is hard NOT to have phenomenal respect for Martin's abilities and knowledge.

Schmidt's first stone is a perfect draw around the corner guard, but it is a bit light, leaving Canada lying two. Morris chips out the DEN stone and rolls to the centre behind the two other Cdn stones. Wow, what a shot. Schmidt tries to double and save his shooter, but instead just peels the tight guard. Martin puts up a long guard. Fredriksen draws, but slips to the back 4', leaving Canada with shot rockso Martin puts up a guard, which makes it harder for Fredriksen to draw to get shot. Fredriksen tries an angle raise but overcurls; steal of one for Canada.
Canada 5, Denmark 0



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