Thursday, April 09, 2009

Draw 15, Ends 5 and 6; Live-blogging

End #5: Canada starts with one in top 4' and one in the top 8'; Denmark with a corner guard, then a weak tap on the top Cdn stone. Kennedy removes the Den rock in the rings with a very good hit-roll to the side of the rings, lying three.

Jensen tries a double, but gets only one, leaving shooter top 8'. Kennedy removes it and rolls a foot. Jensen hits-rolls on Cdn shot rock, but is mostly open. Morris hits it but is wide open. At this point Canada has 3 in the rings and Denmark has a corner guard. Schmidt noses it and is also open. Morris hits and rolls a bit away from the other Cdn stones, but is still wide open. Schmidt tries to hit-roll behind the Den corner guard, but didn't roll enough. Martin hits it, but rolls out; blames it on the stone, but I thought he was a bit narrow with the shot.

Fredriksen draws, but doesn't curl enough; is wide open on the button. Martin hits, and now Fredriksen must hit and stick to save one.
Canada 6, Denmark 3 at the break.

End #6: All rocks in play after the leads' stones. Nice hit and roll by Jensen to end up behind a centre-line guard. Kennedy peels the guard, and Jensen replaces it. Kennedy and team convince Martin to let him try a run-back double, but he gets only one, leaving a centre-line guard and two Den rocks in the rings.

Schmidt hits the only remaining Cdn rock in the rings and rolls behind a Danish stone. Den lies three with a Cdn rock out as a centre-line guard. Morris's freeze attempt is a tad outside and exposed; Schmidt tries to tap it back but is outside, leaving Canada as shot rock. Morris draws to the the top of the button; Canada lies two.

Fredriksen tries a tap back but rubs slightly on a guard, taps the Cdn shot rock but not enough, and so Canada is still lying two. Martin worries that if Denmark can make a run-back double, they'd lie five, so he mixes up the rocks on the button a bit. However he nudges the Den rock into 2nd shot position. Fredriksen guards, but Martin has a tap-tap to score two. A bit harder and he'd have scored three.
Canada 8, Denmark 3



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