Saturday, April 11, 2009

Men's World's Semi-Final, Canada versus Switzerland

After 10 straight wins, Canada's Martin rink ran into a Scottish steel wall twice in a row, most crucially in the Page 1-2 Playoff. Martin never looked comfortable with either broom (target) placement or weight calls, and it showed. Mind you, both matches were close.
As a result, Canada was relegated to the Page Semi-Final against Switzerland (coached by Russ Howard), who scraped out a win against Norway (to my disappointment) this morning.
Canada seem very comfortable with the ice tonight and lead comfortably late in the match - in fact, leading 6-1 after 7.
I might have live-blogged, but once again, as happens every year, I find myself on the weekend of the World's channel-hopping with the Masters Golf Tournament. And those azaleas are much nicer to look at than yet more ice!
Switzerland get two. Canada go into the 9th leading 6-3 with the hammer. The Swiss have made great shots, so I am not counting this in the win column yet - I will update.
UPDATE: John Morris looks so wonderfully vulpine as he delivers his rocks - the sort of concentration I can see as the pack pursues its target.
Switzerland steal one in nine as Martin whiffs on his last rock - 6-4 Canada with the hammer.
ANOTHER UPDATE: The match this morning featured something I have never seen and it seemed nobody was sure of the rules. Norway and Switzerland had rocks that needed to be measured, and the person who measured initially announced that she could not distinguish their distances from the button, and so there was a tie, and so there was some outcome. I was not following completely. The Swiss team objected, insisting that the rule requires two umpires to make a determination. I do not recall how it came out, but in the end the Swiss could not really fret about it. On the other hand, I liked the Swiss player making the objection - he said, "Look, giving it to Norway would have been all right but you have to make a choice." I wonder how much national and international rules differ on this.
UPDATE: 10th End. No hint of what became of the lead rocks. Typical TSN. Snarl. Kennedy kills all the Swiss rocks potentially in sight - shooter vaguely around but not really relevant. Sorry - it actually is up there. Swiss put up a guard. Kennedy kills his previous shooter, almost coming near the Swiss guard. Now the Swiss have guards on either side of center. That one is cleared. Swiss try a come-around but "oh-oh" in Schweizerdeutsch is about the same as in Canadian. Morris removes the remaining guard - Swiss have one rock at 7 o'clock around 12-foot. Swiss put a rock at 3 o'clock at the edge of the 8-foot. Martin kills the 7 o'clock rock and hangs on the edge of the house. Last Swiss rock goes to about 9 o'clock at the edge of the 8-foot. Martin need only remove one of the rocks. Here it comes! He kills the 3 o'clock so we get one more nail-biter with Scotland! Canada wins 6-5.
Can it REALLY be the first time ever we have had the two same skips playing for the World's final in consecutive years? What an amazing observation.



At 4/11/2009 9:13 p.m., Blogger EclectEcon said...

I had no access to tv or to my computer today, and it was great reading this summary. THANKS!

What are the dynamics on the Martin rink like after two losses to Scotland?

At 4/12/2009 5:32 a.m., Blogger Alan Adamson said...

Martin looked so much happier today than in the two matches with Scotland. It would be nice to think that is because he now 'gets' the ice, rather than that it has anything to do with the opponent being Scotland! As for internal dynamics they seemed very cool and cohesive today.


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