Thursday, April 09, 2009

Draw 15, Ends 7 and 8; Live-blogging

End #7: Without that four in the first end for Canada, this would be a pretty close game. Canada starts with three clustered in the rings, top 4', and Denmark has a corner guard. Den taps out one Cdn stone, but Kennedy removes the Den rock as well as one Cdn stone. Jensen taps back one Cdn stone onto the other so both Cdn stones are back 4'. Morris picks Jensen's stone off the top 4'.

Schmidt draws top 4'. Morris picks it. Schmidt tries again, but is light again. Martin picks it, but also removes one of the two Cdn rocks in the back 4'. Now Denmark has a corner guard and Canada has one rock in the back 4'. That's it. Fredriksen freezes to the Cdn rock which strikes me as an odd strategy. Odder still, instead of freezing to that stone, Martin crams the freeze out, leaving one Cdn rock in the rings. Fredriksen peels and blanks the end.
Canada 8, Denmark 3

End #8:
Two in the rings for each team. Kennedy runs one Cdn rock back to remove one of each and keep his shooter. He's disappointed with the shot. Denmark draws about 4" too deep; Canada lies two. Morris executes a short double-raise tap and roll to get rid of one Den rock and lie two, but both are behind the t-line. Schmidt freezes to them, but isn't quite shot rock.

Morris throws up weight to remove one Den, one Cdn, and lose the shooter, leavin two Cdn rocks and one Den rock in the rings. Schmidt looked at a double attempt but tapped the Cdn rock off the button. However the rocks are lined up for Martin to slam into them so both Den rocks roll out and his shooter rolls behind a Cdn guard. Fredriksen doesn't have much, facing three, makes a nose hit (which he wanted) to be second shot. Canada is shot and third shot.

Martin opts to draw to the back four, lying two. The only shot left for Denmark is to hit and stick for one.
Canada 8, Denmark 4



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