Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Winnowing Continues

Switzerland and Scotland have won in the last afternoon draw. One clear outcome is that 5 losses is the most that can lead to past-round-robin play.
Moreover, Scotland is into the playoffs, joining Canada and Norway.
Outlook for others?
The Swiss at 6-4 play China tonight. The USA look headed to a big win this afternoon and will end up at 6-4, playing France tonight.
Germany are also still in, locked in a tough match with Norway. They play Japan tonight and will be 6-4 if they win.
There are still a lot of possible outcomes.
I am sorry it will be tape delay this evening.

UPDATE: Norway finish at 7-4. Scotland are at 7-3 playing tonight against Canada. Does Martin care about beating them? Probably.
USA, Germany, and Switzerland are at 6-4, all playing teams tonight that are now at best spoilers.
I'll be watch CurlCAST and the golf!


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