Thursday, April 09, 2009

Draw 15, Conclusion? (live-blogging)

Canada is in good shape but really cannot relax against the Danes, who aside from the first end have done pretty well.

End #9: Kennedy peels two long Danish guards. Excellent shot. Jensen puts up another long guard, which Kennedy peels. It seems a little premature for Morris to be goofing around with those funny-looking pink glasses. Is he always so inappropriate? I'm still impressed that Martin is able to integrate Morris into the team and keep him reasonably in check.

With his second stone, Schmidt glances off the Danish stone in the rings and is open at the back 8'. Morris hits and sticks. Denmark tap-freezes into a crotch of Cdn stones. Martin draws to the top 8'. With his last rock, Fredriksen slams into the cluster to knock some Cdn rocks back and to have shot rock. Martin has a tough nose hit with some ancillary action to score two (or was it three?? Schmidt had his foot on a Cdn stone before the rocks were done moving!) and Denmark concedes. Canada 10, Denmark 4.



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