Thursday, April 09, 2009

Magic. Ugly Magic

Scotland defeated Canada in 11 ends in the final game of the round robin. But that's not what this posting is about.

Here's the magic: the minute the tape-delayed telecast on TSN showed that Scotland won, CurlCast was magically restored to show us the details of all the evening's games. That development is consistent with my theory that TSN blocked CurlCast from providing the data on the internet for those of us who wanted to follow things live.

And here's the ugly magic: There will be two tie-breaks tomorrow. And TSN will NOT be showing either of them. TSN, which has two channels, will not be showing them.

And even uglier magic? Tonight, TSN opted to show a replay of the Masters's golf tournament on TSN2 rather than show live curling. What are they showing tomorrow instead of showing the curling tie-breaks?

Addendum: Actually, TSN has very misleading information on its site:
TSN may occasionally need to tape-delay some games, as has always been the case when programming conflicts occur. In this instance, TSN will now be in a position to offer the live game on TSN2 while still broadcasting that game on a tape-delayed basis on the main TSN network.
As Johnny Dangerously would say, "lying bastidges."
  1. There's not much of a "programming conflict" in my mind between live curling vs. a rerun of golf that had just been on the main TSN channel.
  2. They did not carry draw 17 live on TSN2, despite what they say on their website.
Chumps. Yes, they were in a position to offer it. But they didn't.

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