Monday, April 13, 2009

Scotland Deservedly Win the Worlds

I finally saw the end of the Canada-Scotland final during the wee hours, having sensibly and needfully fallen asleep during the match. Canada had a tie and the hammer in the tenth. It looked as if Canada had finally solved the Scotland problem. When Morris missed a double-peel of guards (he got a single peel), the Scots got to create a monstrously complex house, to the point that Martin actually threw away his first rock.
As Martin was heading to the hack for the final rock of the tournament, one of his front end muttered something like "I don't like this". He was right. Martin came nowhere close to doing the cleansing operation on the house that was needed.
Congratulations to the Scottish team. They beat what I still think an amazing rink three times in a row! Nobody can even contemplate begrudging them this championship.
Moreover, not a single one of those wins was easy - when the going got tough, they kept going!



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