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Roar of The Rings - Draw 1 Live-Blog

Key point here is that there are only eight teams so each round-robin match has great significance. Falter once and you may be gone.
And this actually raises my first question. There will be ten teams at the Olympics. Would it not make a lot more sense to have the Canadian Trials mirror the likely upcoming competition - that would mean ten teams, and the same schedule? Why did the CCA (I assume) choose this odd format?
Theory #1. This is 20% cheaper.
Please offer other theories.
I was once a track and field coach and I always thought that the brilliant thing about the US Track and Field Olympic Trials was that they mirrored the Olympic schedule perfectly. Now the US was likely the one country that could do that; but surely Canada is that country in curling.
First draw on TSN is Jennifer Jones versus Amber Holland. Woo-hoo! I am so excited.
END #1:
First Holland rock to back of the eight-foot, Askin goes through the house. Holland puts a center guard in the twelve foot. Askin peels. Another guard in the twelve foot. Officer peels. This one heads into the four-foot. Officer punches the guard into the back rock, which rolls over to the side of the house. Holland team punch out Officer's rock, and leave the shooter up front. Overton misses the double, leaving her rock out front. Team Holland kills Overton's rock, and also her own rock, sticking out front. Overton peels the front rock, and leaves the house. Holland sits in the four foot. Jones hits and rolls over into the eight foot. Holland removes that rock and moves to the four foot. Jones fails to blank the end, hits and sticks.
1-0 Jones - Holland takes on the hammer.
(I apologize to the individuals on the Holland team - I am learning your names.)
END #2:
(Meanwhile Lawton scores 2 in the first over Scott. Bernard-McCarville blank in the first. Kleibrink down one after one.)
And dammit - we are many rocks into the second end! What the hell?! In the Roar of the Rings, TSN does not give a crap?
Let me wait until it makes sense to describe but I am peeved. All the advertisers will get nastygrams from me.
Jones rock in the back of the eight-foot, a number of Holland rocks up front on the right. Officer tucks a rock in almost behind those just behind the T-line. Nice Holland team shot, clearing one of the up-front rocks and rolling to the other side of the house. Overton kills the rolled-over rock. Big Holland team miss - they punch a Jones rock over and lose the shooter, not as planned.
Why is TSN not mentioning the names of the players on the Holland team? Did they forget to pick up the media package?
Holland punches some rocks out of the house. Jones leaves a thinnish double. (I wish I could describe this better but TSN is being silly.) Holland makes the double beautifully. Jones hits - hit and stick for two for Holland. Meanwhile Kelly Scott makes a very great shot for 1 to go down 2-1 to Lawton.
Holland hits and sticks for 2, so 2-1.
Editorial comment - TSN got broadcast rights, and Doc and I did not get media passes? Oops - forgot - CTV has a lot of money (despite what they tell the CRTC).
END #3:
Rocks in play again! What sort of braidcast contract is this - advertise at your ill? Certainly not a fan-friendly one. Wonder if I could take this to the CRTC.
After first rocks we have one of each in the house. Jones rock removed by Holland's second. (HEY TSN - DO THE HOLLAND PLAYERS HAVE NAMES??)
Jones tosses up a guard, the unnamed Holland second drops in behind it.
The Jones freeze merely taps the Holland rock out a bit and sits. Lost track of some shots but Jones freezes to a Holland rock at 9 o'clock. Holland's third (still unnamed) comes up short and taps the front guard and joins it.
Overton makes a fine hot to sit on top of the two shots behind guard at 9 o'clock
Holland gos too deep, to back of the twelve-foot. Jones comes and sort of sits on the back rock. (Meanwhile McCarville draws for 2 to go up 2-1 over Bernard.)
Holland clears all teh back rocks but that leaves Jones an interesting shot for at least two. Jones misses big time and gives away a steal of one!
HEY CCA - send a media package up to TSN with the names of the players on Holland's team! I am sure they are asking.
END #4:

This is sad. No end starts without rocks in play. TSN Seems to have no idea of the names of the players on the Holland team. What bad joke is this?
Rocks in play again. I almost give up! Holland rock at the fron to the four-foot, guards in front. Askin's (we all know her name) second rock tucks in at the top edge of the twelve. Lots of action up front. Let's see what happens and then I can try to describe it. Holland asks for more piling up out front. Officer does MAJOR house-cleaning - still some guards out front but nothing much left behind. Tammy Schneider (yes, a name!) slightly misses. Officer goes too deep behind a bunch of Holland rocks out front around 11 o'clock. And now Kim Schneider (a name!) removes an open Jones rock at 3 pm. Overton hits that and rolls beautifully behind the Holland rocks out front. Kim Schneider sits on a Jones rock at the back of the eight foot. Overton is light and leaves herself at the front of the house. (Meanwhile Scott steals two in the fourth and leads 3-2 over Lawton.) Holland puts a rock on the button, well guarded. It seems to have gone a tad too deep. Jones is heavy and goes through the house. Holland goes into the eight-foot, almost inviting a double attempt from Jones, though the risk is self-destruction of a high degree. Jones misses totally, so Holland has another steal and leads 4-1.
END #5:
Oh for heaven's sake! They interview Jones while more rocks go into play. I almost give up.
We have two Holland rocks in the house, and a left guard from Jones. Officer puts a guard up on the right. Tammy Schneider (now that they told me her name) clears that and goes away. Overton tucks a rock away behind one of their guards on the left side of the house, not yet scoring. Kim Schneider kills the guard but there is a jam and she leaves a Jones rock on the left behind the remaining rock. Well, not quite behind. Overton hits and stick nicely on a Holland rock in the four foot. Kim Schneider htis and sticks, missing the planned double. Overton hits and rolls, implications not clear. (Scott and Lawton go to the break at 3-3.) Holland hits Jones' scorer, but also leaves the house. Jones sort of tucks in behind a corner guard. Holland clears teh guard, missing her planned double, leaving Jones a draw for two. And she gets it. 4-3 Holland at the break.
END #6:


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