Sunday, April 19, 2009

Capital One Grey Power Men's Final Second Half

Capital One guy tells Scott Russell that they are in for next year. Good news for all of us.

Next - Kevin Martin explains why he did not win the World's. I sure hope they put this online as his discussion is quite good. "All the power to David, he made a perfect shot."

END #5: It just dawned on me you might be someone who can find this blog but not the tournament site or news sites. So, just so you know, there was a women's tournament too and Jennifer Jones won it 9-7 from Shannon Kleibrink.

Mike Harris asks an interesting question about the scoring of shots. What if you as skip decided on a stupid shot and make it perfectly? How should it be scored?

Anyway Ferbey and Hart compete on getting a rock buried in the house. Ferbey does OK but Howard can see a lot and pops it away. Nedohin clears it, and rolls behind the Howard guard at the front. Howard plans a tap-back - very nice, but leaving Nedohin a pretty easy hit to blank. Which he JUST achieves.

END #6: Getting to be a complicated house but the most important comment from Mike and Joan is the observation that when Glenn Howard may call a shot, he is ready to be overruled by his team. And on the nIt's at about 3:30 on the edge of the 4-foot, and half-open. Next shot, the Ferbey team does a consultation as well. Anyway after all this Hart doubles all the Ferbey rocks out of the house, leaving Team Howard counting three. Ferbey nose-hits a Howard rock - not as wished. Hart hits the Ferbey rock and rolls into mild cover. Ferbey hits and rolls to about 9 o'clock in the twelve-foot, largely open. Howard nose-hits. Ferbey decides to draw around a Howard rock in the front - undercurls and comes a bit deep, according to Joan because of undercurling. Ontario freeze to it but with an angle and Ferbey has a draw for two. Sweepers make it. 7-5 Ferbey!

END #7: Much chatter about the growth of quality of curling but really, there is NOT enough money in this sport, as far as I can see, to maintain the current level. I guess we will see.

Even the big bonus for winning the Capital One series, as Howard will do, is only $50K. Divided among four (five? six?). Maybe now someone else pays their expenses. 7-all, Ferbey with the hammer, into the eighth.

END #8: Roque's move-aside is heavy so the Howard guard gets restored. Howard second guard leaves a double-peel wide open. Next tick shot leaves a guard in place. The perversity of funny rules! Howard goes to the button. Peeled. Back to the button. a bit better buried. Front guard is peeled. Howard tosses up another pretty good guard. Peel called. Made, but leaving the rock in the house, and actually I would guess it was the run-back they wanted. Guard replaced. Ferbey comes in but the shooter angles away. Howard comes in behind the guard. Nedohin does a perfect tap. Howard has to come sit on it and poke it back not far. Howard sits in the front of the four-foot. Nedohin is just fine. We'll see Ferbey in December!

Really a fine match. Fun to watch and it is SO nice to see them back.


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Thanks for sharing your story.It is competition, I just thought the story is about Capital One financial assistance but its not.


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