Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Draw 9: the Kleibrink-Bernard Duel

The Bernard team comes into this match-up undefeated, and the Kleibrink team is in second place so far with a 3-1 record. This is gonna be fun!

End #1: The Bernard front end of Bartel and Darbyshire curled only 50%, setting up the end for Kleibrink to score big with the hammer. She had a chance for three, maybe four, but was about a quarter inch wide and scored only two. A bit of moral victory, so to speak, for Bernard.

End #2: The Kleibrink lead (Bell) was about a foot or two deep with her first rock. After guards, Bartel froze to the Bell rock on the button, and Bernard was in good shape. But then Webster (2nd for Kleibrink) made a perfect freeze. It looks as if the advantage is going to flip-flop a bunch this end. Great raise double-tap by Kleibrink left Bernard facing four; she was a bit heavy but escaped, giving up only 1. Kleibrink 3, Bernard 0.

End #3: I'm working at home today and the damned work interruptions are getting in the way of watching curling. I looked up in End 3 and saw three yellow Kleibrink rocks in the rings, but have no idea what is happening. Interesting: Kleibrink has two near the button that could easily be doubled off, but Bernard has O'Connor, her third, attempt a hit and roll. For reasons that are not clear to me, Nixon (Kleibrink 3rd) clears the rings, allowing Bernard to blank the end.

End #4: This end has unfolded much as the 3rd end did but with a corner guard for Bernard. Oops. Kleibrink missed a run-back attempt, leaving Bernard with a good chance for two or three. Russ Howard (commentator) was puzzled by Bernard's decision not to try to bury her first rock, meaning the most she can score is two. Kleibrink 3, Bernard 2.

End #5: The Bernard rink bounces back with some excellent shots including a good freeze, putting a lot of pressure on Kleibrink, facing one on the button with a couple of guards. Nixon miscalled the sweeping slightly, but Kleibrink salvaged one anyway. Kleibrink 4, Bernard 2.



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