Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Roar of the Rings - Draw 6

It's the men, and the TSN feature is Stoughton-Koe. I intend to follow yesterday's pattern.
END #1: Howard had predicted a fairly open end, and was terribly wrong, as the house is filling up with Koe rocks. Ooppss, my mind wandered, but Stoughton successfully drew for his one.
END #2: Koe slightly misses on a tap-back, leaving Stoughton with shot rock, which Stoughton guards. Koe draws for one.
END #3: Park makes two great shots to give Stoughton two rocks in the front of the four-foot. Koe doubles them out. Stoughton freezes beautifully to a Koe rock in the four-foot. Koe misses his freeze. Stoughton draws to the button for two.
END #4: Koe makes a perfect freeze and sets up his own double. Something fitting about that.
END #5: Koe makes a brilliant double with his last shot. Koe's rock is partly buried behind a front guard. Stoughton draws for one, with a LOT of help from the sweepers.
END #6: MacDonald makes a great double to leave Koe lying two, but the double is there and Stoughton makes it, leaving the house empty for Koe. In the end, Koe winds up drawing for one, after a great Stoughton freeze. 4-4.
Russ Howard has already commented that these are two great hitting teams, engaged in a battle of touch shots.
END #7: After some early complication the house becomes pretty empty and the skips trade hits, and Stoughton blanks.
END #8: What a messy house! How did htis happen? (I was chopping vegetables.) More or less vertically aligned we have a Stoughton rock, two Koe rocks, and two Stoughton rocks now. Of course there are many weird angles involved. MacDonald comes up short and puts another Koe rock up in the front of the house. Weird stuff goes on with the bizarre angles at teh front of the house. Hey what happened? More vegetables and I find two Koe rocks scoring in the house now! Stoughton doubles them out and scores two. Wow! This is one crazy match. For all the touchie-feelie, that was a great hit.
END #9: Koe, against three Stoughton rocks, draws to take one and heads into ten down one, Stoughton with the hammer.
END #10: Nobody entirely happy with play in this end, and Koe tucks his first rock beautifully behind cover. Stoughton removes the cover. In the end, the hitting wins as Stoughton doubles the house clear. Great match.



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