Monday, December 07, 2009

Roar of the Rings - Draw 3

It's women again, and the featured matchup is Kleibrink-SCott, which is a bit of a revenge match from the last Olympic Trials. I won't be live-blogging in detail but will update this from end to end with the current status and occasional comments.
END #1: Kleibrink blanks a pretty much wide open end.
(Meanwhile Lawton chooses complication and scores 3 in the first against Webster, and Jones scores 1 against McCarville.)
END #2: Kleibrink makes a brilliant and risky double to clear the house of Scott rocks and score 3. 3-0 Shannon.
END #3: Scott blanks. There still seems to be significant confusion about the ice.
END #4: Scott is using some front guards but the Kleibrink team hitting skills are working so far. Meanwhile McCarville steals one to go up 3-1 over Jones. Lawton scores 2 in the third to go up 5-2 over Webster. Schraeder buries a beauty and Kleibrink's attempt to remove it just moves it in the house. Scott puts a second rock in the house, but behind the T-line. Kleibrink decides to knock one out, leaving Scott a shot for two. Then she chnages her mind; and misses badly short. Scott, as a result, can and does score three. 3-3.
END #5: Nixon makes a perfect and brilliant shot through a tiny port to place the scoring rock in the house. Scott starts clearing guards. After further adventure, including a whiff by Scott, Kleibrink now has a draw for three. And makes it. 6-3 Kleibrink.
Holy Cow! McCarville is 7-2 over Jones!
END #6: Kleibrink fills the house with rocks (five!) for Scott's last shot. One sits on the button behind guard. Scott just taps the rock on the button with a brilliant shot to take one, by far the best of the alternatives available to her!
END #7: Under significant threat from the Scott rink, Nixon has a terrible miss, with a totally lucky outcome, a freeze, entirely unintended, against a Scott rock. Scott herself then misses and basically blasts all her own stones from the house except the shooter. Two wrongs have made a big right for Kleibrink. After some more bare competence (at this level) Kleibrink scores two to lead 8-4.
END #8: More dumb luck for Kleibrink, and a miss by Scott, give Kleibrink a steal of one. 9-4.
Scott keeps fighting but succumbs in the tenth. Bernard-Holland ends up in a measurement and Bernard wins by a whisker.


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