Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Draw 10: Martin and Ferbey

This is one of the many matches forward to which we have been looking... 8-)
Both teams are among the contenders, entering the draw with 3-1 records.

End #1: Cat and mouse with no guards. Hit-and-stick; repeat. Disappointing. I gather the goal is to get a better feel for the ice and at the same time to save time. Blech. Blank.

End #2: Action this time, with guards and come-arounds. Nice taps by Kennedy (Martin's 2nd) and Ferbey (throwing 3rd stones). So now, already, we get the joy of listening to their discussions and strategies. This end alone makes up for the boredom of the first end! Nice triple-tap by Morris (Martin's vice) to leave Martin lying 3. Nedohin (throwing skip's stones for Ferbey) over-curled with his first rock and tried a real tv-shot bounce-around, but left Martin lying two. Martin had a nose hit for four, but lost his shooter to score only 3. Martin 3, Ferbey 0.

End #3: Lots more strategy, but a bunch of it seems wasted as Ferbey flashes on a pick attempt. Nevertheless, Martin still seems to be fretting and his shot drifts too deep. Nedohin's first shot is a nice angle tap, but Martin's last shot leaves him lying two and Nedohin in trouble. But he was able to draw for one. Martin 3, Ferbey 1.

End #4: Two big wrecks/rubs by Pfeiffer (Ferbey's 2nd) set up a possible big end for Martin. But watching the skips explore the possibilities is a great treat anyway. Morris makes a thin hit, and Ferbey tries for a double, but doesn't quite remove one of the two Martin stones. Martin's lying 3 and Nedohin tries a come-around to sit second shot. I don't understand why Martin doesn't pick it out, but Linda (commentator) he is trying to keep some other options open for the hammer. So he draws to the top 4 to lie 2. Nedohin misses a double. Martin draws for two instead of picking for three. Martin 5, Ferbey 1.

End #5: The end opens with jockeying for guards with a couple of rocks in the rings. Tap and roll by Ferbey that is removable, but Martin asks Morris to tap it back. Too hard. Martin lies three; Ferbey taps back the shot rock, but too far. Nedohin hits and sticks for one. Martin 5, Ferbey 2 at the break.



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