Thursday, December 10, 2009

Draw 13: McCarville vs. Webster

McCarville is 3-3; Webster is 2-4. I would much rather be watching Bernard 6-0 vs. Lawton 3-3. So my interest might drift a bit.

One nice thing about watching these matches live is that you get to watch the game you want to watch and aren't forced to live with TSN's choices.

End 1. McCarville is off to a bad start as George (vice) came up short and then wrecked on her second shot. A series of missed attempts to hit and roll failed. McCarville hit and stuck for one. McCarville 1, Webster 0.
End 2. Lots of rocks in play agian, but not all on purpose. Ray's tone captures my feelings: this is good curling, but it's nothing like what we saw this morning. 7 rocks staggered along the centre line. Messy house. Webster tried to knock out the McC rocks, but scored only one. McC 1, Webster 1.
End 3. Holy cow! George is curling only 46% through three ends, leaving McCarville with difficult shots. Webster wrecks on a guard after McC is too heavy with a draw. But on her second shot, McCarville draws through a curved port for one. McCarville 2, Webster 1.
End 4. Plenty of McCarville stones in the rings, but strategically the teams seem about even so far in this end. Nice near-double by Olson-Johns (Webster's third). But McCarville seems to be gaining position. McCarville's last shot was light and thin; Webster missed a hit-and-stick for two, rolling out, and scored only 1. McC 2, Webster 2.
End 5. I've been distracted by the responses to my request for an iPhone app. More on that later. Meanwhile, as I look up at the tv, I see 7 rocks in the rings and an attempt by McC to play an angle raise take-out on the Webster shot stone. Got a double, but not quite the way I was expecting, and scored two. McCarville 4, Webster 2.



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