Thursday, December 10, 2009

Draw 12: Howard vs. Ferbey

After having seen these teams play in the past, one has to expect the probability that Howard will win is reasonably high.
End 1: Centre guards and come-arounds into the rings. Jam by Hart sets up the end for Ferbey to score 2, which he does after Howard misses a pretty tough double.
End 2: Pfeiffer (Ferbey's 2nd) comes up short, setting up the end for Howard, but Ferbey slams out a bunch of guards and a Howard rock to reduce the Howard advantage. Both Ferbey and Nedohin had superb first shots and not quite superb second shots, allowing Howard to take two. Howard 2, Ferbey 2.
End 3: Guards and run-backs. Howard missed a run-back, setting up a chance for Ferbey to score two, but Nedohin leaves his first rock exposed, creating a double opportunity for Howard. So Ferbey is forced to blank since he can't get two.
End 4: A series of terrific hits, run-backs, doubles. There's one long guard and a rock in the rings; and both teams vie to use both. Ferbey - nose hit. Hart - nose hit. Nedohin - nose hit. The ice seems straighter than they expect; let's see if the skips adjust. Oops, Howard rubs on the guard then misses a double, allowing Ferbey to score two. Ferbey 4, Howard 2.
End 5: Several beautiful draws make both teams concerned about what the other team will do. With last rocks, Nedohin taps instead of freezes, setting up a hit for four by Howard, but he's just a bit off and gets only a single. Ferbey 4, Howard 3.



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