Thursday, December 10, 2009

Draw 12: Second Half

As the second half of the draw begins, Ferbey leads Howard 4-3 and has the hammer. I have quite enjoyed Russ Howard's commentary, but it is dangerously close to becoming too pedantic.
End 6. Lots of rocks in the rings. You have to be a good intuitive physicist with good foresight to play at this level. Nice raise double by Ferbey to clear two Howard counters from the rings. Nedohin's last shot: attempted quad-raise take-out, but didn't quite make it. Steal of one for Howard. Tied at 4.
End 7. Just a few rocks in play, keeping the strategies a bit simpler. Ferbey (throwing 3rd's stones) rolled out of the rings, though, with his last rock, and Howard drew perfectly around the guard. Nedohin's first draw or tap missed and coasted a bit deep. Howard puts up another guard. Nedohin has to draw through a good-sized hole for one. Ferbey 5, Howard 4.
End 8. Russ Howard's insight on the Gunnlaughson rink: "They haven't lost enough games in their careers to learn from their mistakes." The rocks are not really lined up in the centre, leaving some interesting carom attempts. Great fun! Two phenomenal hit-and-rolls by Hart have set up the end nicely for Howard. Draw for two. Howard 6, Ferbey 5.
End 9. Another staggered line-up of rocks down the centre with the lead's rocks. I sure am impressed with the knowledge and quickness-of-adjustment on the part of all those involved. Most of us would take minutes or hours to get to the strategies they do, if we could ever get there. Wow! what a shot by Laing through the port to pick a Ferbey rock; and then Pfeiffer makes a good clearing shot. Great curling! But a thin double is always a tough, risky shot, and Nedohin missed it, giving up a steal of two. Howard 8, Ferbey 5.
End 10. Up three without the hammer, Howard is keeping the sheet as clear as he can. He'll run Ferbey out of rocks and win.



At 12/10/2009 12:10 p.m., Blogger Alan Adamson said...

I think that's why Russ gets the morning draw - only fanatics like you and me are watching.


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