Thursday, December 10, 2009

Draw 14: Howard vs. Martin, middle ends

A series of cat-and-mouse ends so far, with each team forced to take one on each end.

End 4. Who said this: "Is it just me, or is it hard to make a shot out here right now?" I think it was Hart (Howard's 3rd) preparing for his shot. Hmph. He's curling a much higher percentage than Morris... but then Morris makes a really nice hit and roll behind centre guards. Hart removes one and moves another to the 12' with a near double. Nose hits follow. Martin removes the centre rock and sits one. Howard tries to swing around the corner guard but is more than half open. Martin tried to pick it but it jammed on Martin's rock in the back 12, leaving a split for three for Howard. Howard 4, Martin 2.

End 5. Two of Howard's rocks in the 4' and two of Martin's out front. Beautiful pick-double by Hart to clear the sheet of Martin's rocks. And made the same shot again after Morris put one back in the rings nearly frozen. Wow! Howard tried the same shot but missed and took out his own rocks. Now Martin is in good shape to get two. Howard hits and rolls out, leaving Martin with a draw for two. Tied at 4 at the break.

Break: I just realized I'm missing Thursday night NFL to watch this match. Oh well, the Steelers have lost 4 in a row and the Browns are the worst team in the league. It isn't much of a sacrifice!

End 6. By the time the thirds are throwing, Martin has two touching the 8' and one touching the button. Howard will be lucky to escape with one, the way this end is going. Morris and Martin kept dropping a stone on the button, forcing Hart and Howard to play run-back take-outs. Howard, facing three with the hammer, hit and stuck for one. Howard 5, Martin 4.

End 7. Standard opening: Savil to top 4' for Howard; Hebert sets corner guard for Martin; Savil, centre guard; Hebert corner freeze to the 4'. Lang freezes to that stone. More exchanges in the rings. Nice run-back by Howard forcing Marting to draw for one. Tied at 5.



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