Friday, December 11, 2009

Roar of the Rings - Women's Tiebreaker 2 - McCarville-Holland

McCarville must be getting used to all these Saskatchewan teams. On the men's side it's Alberta. So nice to escape the stupidities of the Brier and Scotties in terms of provincial representation. They should have Olympic trials every year!
There is something wonderful about the names of the Holland team - it says a lot about our immigrant history. A Kalenchuk and two Schneiders, and a Holland!
END #1
: This end seems a little more wide open than either team intends. Holland blanks.
END #2: Must have missed this. A blank.
END #3: McCarville wants action and Lang puts up a centre line guard. Kalenchuk's rock goes through the house. Lang puts her second rock in behind her first in the house. Kalenchuk sits on the corner of Lang's rock. MacLean joins her and all can be removed. Schneider chips out the front McCarville stone and barely hangs on. MacLean kills it, rolling off. Schneider and George clear the house up to a degree. Kim Schneider kills the George rock, but rolls out. One Holland rock in the house at 9 o'clock, twelve-foot. It is now gone, and George's rock is not too far away. Schneider (Kim) removes it and sits at around 5 o'clock. McCarville hits and sticks. Holland hits and sticks. McCarville would like to hit and roll behind the guard. But she hits and sticks. Holland blanks perfectly.
END #4:
McCarville centre guard, Holland into the house, and then McCarville beside it (both well back of the T-line). Holland puts one into the front of the four-foot. McCarville has MacLean try to freeze but she comes up a little short. This is getting complicated. Tammy Schneider hangs out trying to freeze and ends up left of the McCarville rock (from the point of view of the back of the house). MacLean removes it and rolls into the line of rocks along the centre-line. Great shot. Schneider misses her hit, moves the MacLean rock over a little, and rolls out. George kills a Holland rock but loses the shooter. Kim Scheider misses her attack on the McCarville rock in the front of the four-foot - taps it back but loses the shooter and leaves the rock in an annoying spot. George sits nicely and nastily on the front of the button. Kim Schneider follows orders and peels the guard. We have two McCarville rocks in the front of the button. McCarville guards. Holland moves the McCarville rocks around, barely getting by the guard. McCarville kills the Holland rock and lies four as Holland draws. She uses some backing and scores 1.
END #5:
Last two ads - Advil and TSN. Hmm - tricky boycott plan on the latter though Advil will easily be a miss in the future. Two rocks in play. Aarrgghh. Holland has two rocks in the house in front of the button behind two McCarville guards. MacLean cleans the front nicely. Kim Schneider wrecks slightly but keeps filling the house with Holland rocks. MacLean cleans up one and loses the shooter. Schneider puts another in the house, and George misses the double, also losing the shooter. Holland's rocks are being spread out in the process. Kim S puts another in the house (Holland lying three); George wrecks on a front rock and is open, having done nothing to Holland's rocks. Holland punches that rock out - now lie four. McCarville gets a brilliant double and rolls over in front of a Holland rock. Just a great piece of salvage work! Holland puts a scoring rock in the back of the house, but leaves no double. McCarville hits it and sticks. Holland hits and rolls out, and gets only one, where a few shots ago she seemed on line to four!
END #6: Sorry - damned life dragged me away from TSN for a few minutes. Holland has two front guards, with a Holland and McCarville rock cuddled up behind the guards behind the T-line. George puts a rock in the top edge of the four-foot - did not break as much as wanted. Tammy Schneider clears one of the front guards but hte angle is not as desired and misses taking out the George rock. After another couple of shots, Holland has shot in the four-foot, but is pretty open. George hits it but it jams and still is the shooter. A couple of rocks later George has cleaned up the house and McCarville can contemplate more than one. Holland comes up short, sitting now in the front og the four-foot. McCarville seemed to feather the front guard but clears the house of Holland rocks with a double. McCarville is shooting 93%! Holland plans to bury on the button behind the front guards. Shad better as McCarville lies three. She leaves a rock openish - McCarville has a hit for four - and she is perfect! My heavens, what a pair of matches these tiebreakers have been! 5-2 McCarville.
END #7: Two rocks in play but this was just because TSN decided to review previous ends. Annoying but no boycott candidates. McCarville has two rocks in front of the T-line, unguarded. Holland has a corner guard and now rock in the house too. George removes the rock in the house and rolls out. Holland replaces a McCarville rock in the house with one of her own. George wipes it out and rolls in front of their other rock. Kim S puts a rock in the front of the eight-foot. McCarville gets rid of it and rolls out. Holland makes a shot I just do not get - she is open. And is removed. She can draw for one. And does. 5-3 McCarville.
END #8: Hooray! SlapChop makes my boycott list! McCarville's two-month-old baby looks really cute. Holland, clearly plagued, faces a hog-line violation on her first rock. Still, Holland has a nice front guard and a rock in the house behind it. Time for the peeling! Front guard is gone. New guard, now gone. New guard, George wants to peel, and does. Another guard, another George peel. Holland decides to come in behind her rock in the front of the eight-foot. But she seems to leave a double. McCarville misses it, removing only one. Nice freeze by Holland on a McCarville rock at the back of the eight-foot. McCarville will now draw, surprising the commentators. It is perfect! Who is this unmasked woman? She is shooting 95% and she is getting some very tough shots to make.
END #9: More than two rocks in play as coverage resumes and I failed to note who was running the late ads! This is hard work. Peeling has started. MacLean completely whiffs on a peel, so let's see what Holland can do. George misses her peel but luckily removes a Holland rock in the house. Kim S buries a nice rock behind the remaining corner guard. Which corner guard is now gone. Holland punches a McCarville rock back and sits in the front of the eight-foot. That rock is gone. Holland puts a shot in the four-foot, leaving a possible double. McCarville kills one, leaving Holland a draw for two. She makes it. 6-5 McCarville going into the tenth with the hammer.
END #10: Again two rocks in play and I am really sloppy about watching the ads. So far we have Advil and SlapChop as guilty parties. McCarville weirdly is filling the house with early shots, and Lang goes deep with one of her shots. Tammy S puts a shot on the button. Peeling now starts - double peel requested, and one centre guard remains. Now there are double-able rocks up front. MacLean removes them! Guards installed and removed. Holland rock on the button will be in play later. McCarville calls a timeout and coach Rick Lang comes out and has barely arrived before he says 'Peel it'. Too entertaining. Everybody immediately agreed. They just wanted confirmation. Rock peeled. Holland can cause grief by sitting in a perfect place behind a McCarville rock and in front of hers on the button. And she makes it perfectly! Brilliant shot. McCarville's double attempt gets only one. Holland steals one! We go to 11! Fantastic match.
END #11: Nikon and Ford are the guilty parties this time. Easy boycott candidates for me. Lang pulls off a tick, with great discomfort but also success. Peeling may now begin. And so it goes. Skip stones now. Holland puts up another long guard. McCarville's team are having a great discussion. Lang (the coach) is down on the rink again; they want to come into the top eight-foot to shut Holland's approaches down. Lang does not mind. The commentariat wants a peel, but McCarville is going in, top eight, and open. The shot is too close to the centre-line and now the peel looks really good. Holland can draw now behind the McCarville rocks. Wow! This is too exciting! She is drawing to the open side, and it slides to the back of the eight-foot, and is not even shot. McCarville wins 7-6. Another Olympic dream dies and the McCarville rink continue their longest day ever, I imagine.


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