Friday, December 11, 2009

My Own Deeply Belated Reflections

You could not ask for a greater contrast than between the women's draw and the men's. The men's draw is now down to the usual suspects - Howard, Martin, and Stoughton, and there was never a real threat that it would be otherwise (maybe Ferbey could have got through).
On the women's side, the usual suspects were cruelly and clearly eliminated as Jennifer Jones and Kelly Scott saw their rinks pretty much humiliated.
One could call Kleibrink, as the previous Olympic qualifier, a suspect, but that was really her unique great performance over the last few years. We are now down to Kleibrink and McCarville, and then Bernard. I would never have predicted this, and I doubt many others did.
The McCarville rink are actually my fondest memory of the Scott Tournament that Doc and I covered in London, and that likely shows through in my coverage. The effect should be smaller tonight, as I am also a great fan of the Kleibrink rink. The PI factor will be high again tonight, and, I am pretty sure, for the final.


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