Saturday, December 12, 2009

Women's Finals! Roar of the Rings, End #6

Oops. Lost the internet connection for a bit. After five ends, Kleibrink was curling only 53%, uncharacteristically low for her, and probably the major difference so far.

Lots of rocks lined up along the centre line, but the Bernard stone on the button is mostly exposed. As we move to skips stones, Kleibrink has a pretty open hit, and rolls over just a bit.
Bernard made a double run-back to remove shot rock but rolled over more than she wanted. With her last rock, Kleibrink does a hit and slight roll to lie three. The path to the button is not fully blocked, Bernard decides to try an in-off for her single. A risky choice and she missed, but managed to score one anyway. I goofed and thought she'd given up a steal. Bernard 4, Kleibrink 2.



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