Sunday, February 07, 2010

2010 Scott Tournament of Hearts - Final, Part I

End #1: PEI has a bunch of guards as the skips ready to throw their rocks. Carmody (skip for PEI) tries for a double but removes only one. Jones (skip for Team Canada) hits and sticks when she wanted to roll behind a guard. Carmody gets the double on the second try. Team Canada has a draw to touch the 8' for one or a double attempt for a blank. Oops. She hit shot rock, but may not be shot herself. Had to measure twice, and Team Canada got one. Perhaps from now on, the umpires could be asked to keep their heads out of the camera line?
CAN 1, PEI 0

End #2:
omg, the vices curled 38% and 13% in the first end! Nice freeze by O'Rourke (2nd, PEI) to a CAN stone at the back of the house. Exchanged hits on rock at top 8'. Cathy Overton-Clapham [henceforth OC] smashes out a couple, followed by Ramsay clearing all but one from the rings. Exchange hits on rock at top 12'. Hit and roll by Jones. The end is set up for a blank by PEI. Hit and roll by Carmody. Hit and stick by CAN. Hit and roll out by Carmody to get the blank.
CAN 1, PEI 0

End #3:
PEI has a corner guard, CAN has a centre guard and a stone in the top 8', uncovered. O'Rourke hits and rolls beyond the corner guard in the side of the 12'. Officer (CAN 2nd) hit it, but rolled out. O'Rourke tries to draw around the corner guard but is partly open. Cathy OC wrecks on the guard, drifting to the other side. Ramsay tries to draw behind a guard but is wide open. Cathy OC tried to hit-and-roll, but is also wide open. Ramsay also hits and sticks. So Jones tries a hit and roll on the other PEI rock (which is shot rock), but rolls too far to be open and sits second shot. Carmody draws to the back 8'. At best a difficult double for CAN, so they opt to try a hit and roll (and not the freeze!). But Jones hit and rolled out, leaving a draw for 2 for PEI. Clearly Carmody has found her draw weight on this ice!
PEI 2, CAN 1

End #4:
The curling percentages are pretty even for the two teams, and the thirds are both up over 50% now 8-)

Does it seem to you that the PEI rink is big favourites of the TSN crew? Or maybe they're just enamoured of the new bunch.

Two corner guards by CAN, a PEI rock in the top 8, and centre guard by PEI. Nice draw around a guard by O'Rourke, Officer runs a guard back to remove one of the PEI stones in the house. O'Rourke misses a run-back but removes the guard. Perfect opportunity for CAN to hit and roll behind a couple of corners, but Officer (CAN 2nd) flopped a bit the wrong way, leaving a thin double for Ramsay. She's wide, gets one, and is open for Cathy OC to try the hit and roll, but she rolled out. Ray and Linda think the line call is bad on many of these missed shots.

Nose hit by Ramsay on the remaining CAN rock in the rings, for PEI to lie one. Nose hit on that rock by Cathy OC, still open. Nose hit by Carmody leaves a biter. Beauty hit and roll by Jones behind the two guards. Carmody's draw is a bit deep and open, but it is lying shot, so Jones must tap it back to score two.
CAN 3, PEI 2

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