Saturday, February 06, 2010

The 2010 Scott Semi-Finals:
PEI vs. Ontario, Part I

Ontario soundly defeated BC this afternoon by a score of only 6-4, but the back end of ON was noticeably better than that of BC for the 3-4 page play-off.

So now Ontario has a rematch with PEI in the semi-final. It will be VERY interesting to see which teams show up, since both of them have had games when they were really good and other games when they were worse than mediocre.

End #1: Maybe I'll get some of my carping out of the way now. I wonder what the day jobs are for the programmers for Curlcast. Surely full-time programmers wouldn't have created such a user unfriendly site (unless they were told to do so).

Hit and over-roll by ON, followed by an over-shot draw by PEI. Not an auspicious beginning. Two more draws that are a bit too deep. Double and roll by George (ON vice), but shot rock is wide open for a hit-and-roll, which was missed big time by Ramsay (PEI Vice). McCarville (Skip ON) under-curls with her guard attempt. Tap back by Ramsay leaves PEI shot, with a bunch of ON rocks at the back of the house. Nice tap by McCarville leaves ON sitting 2 or 3, forcing Carmody (skip, PEI) to draw to sit shot. The PEI team held their breaths, but the draw was good to the back of the button. McCarville tries to freeze but comes up a foot short. PEI is shot with a draw to the button for 2. Carmody has draw weight (finally?)
PEI 2, ON 0

End #2:
Oops. Work matters arose, requiring my attention. As I look at this end, they have just finished throwing vice stones, with one from ON in the top 12, exposed, and two other rocks over on the side in front of the house. Carmody hits and rolls away from the guards, leaving a biter on the edge of the 12'. McCarville hits and rolls over, but not quite behind the guards. Hit and flop by Carmody puts PEI partially behind a guard, forcing McCarville to draw for one.
PEI 2, ON 1

End #3:
I`m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I love the Capital One ad that combines all the holidays.

Nuts. More work to do. I`ll see how much I can get done. Nice tap by Carmody with her first rock, but it leaves a pocket for McCarville to freeze to. But McCarville is outside a bit and a bit light, leaving a hit for 4. But she missed slightly and scored ònly`three.
PEI 5, ON1

End #4:
As I am finally able to join the end in progress, they're on 2nd rocks. There are two corner guards, and two rocks in the rings. Miharija (ON 2nd) draws, but is wide open. Ramsay (PEI vice) hits it on the nose and sticks. George (ON vice) hits and slides slightly toward the centre. Another nose-hit-and-stick by Ramsay.

George wrecks on a guard, trying to draw. Carmody sort of buggers a shot, knocking one of the PEI rocks back and not removing the ON rock. McCarville has a very difficult tap back to lie 3. Too light: didn't get behind the guard with the shooter and didn't remove the PEI rock (still shot). Carmody tries to draw to split the rings, but drifts back too far, leaving a possible double for 3 for McCarville. A shade narrow and scored only one.
PEI 5, ON 2

End #5:
Two centre guards for ON, two in the house for PEI. Miharija's draw is a bit short, ending top 12. O'Rourke removes it and rolls to corner 12'. Miharija draws to the back 4 from the other side. O'Rourke peels the short guard. George puts up a tighter guard.

Small attendance again, compared with the crowds when this was held in London, ON.

Ramsay peels the long guard. George draws around the tight guard, and ON lies 2 for now. I can't figure out what Ramsay was trying to do as she shook up her own rocks in the house. Maybe trying to open the path to the button? Nevertheless, McCarville seems non-plussed. McCarville tries to draw around a PEI stone in the house, but again is a tad light and open. But PEI eschews the hit, opting for a Carmody tap back of their own instead. McCarville again was outside the broom (or else the broom was set out too far) and flashed on a classic angle raise. But Carmody made a perfect angle raise to score two.
PEI 7, ON 2

Break Time!

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