Friday, February 05, 2010

Tie-Breaker, Second Half

6th End: Pretty decent curling so far, but I would be VERY surprised if either of these teams could medal at the worlds. Meanwhile, being unaccustomed to bach-ing it (Ms. Eclectic is visiting relatives) I'm not messing with crock pots or what have you as might my co-blogger. Tonight it'll be 22 veggie eggrolls from a club pack.

Our cat seems to really enjoy watching curling, and likes it up close to the screen, making it difficult for me to see what's going on. Sorry.

MAN has shot rock and two guards; Miharija (2nd for ON) peels both guards and loses the shooter, too. ON has managed to clear things out pretty well after a messy beginning.

Coming in to this game, Phillips (MAN vice) had a substantially higher curling percentage than George (ON vice), but so far in this game, George is out-curling Phillips by 30 percentage points! Phillips wiffs, leaving ON sitting 2, then Thurston misses a double attempt, also leaving ON sitting 2. ON puts one on the t-line. Thurston needs a double or else ON will have a draw for three. She got one. McCarville has a hit for three.
ON 8, Man 3

7th End:
Ray and Linda are perplexed that ON hasn't thrown their rocks through the rings; instead ON begins with two in the 4' and the MAN front end of Westcott and Wilson puts up some guards, while Miharija tries to remove them. Oops, left her shooter as a guard on her 2nd shot.

I don't understand it (and neither do Ray and Linda) but ON had two touching the button behind a guard, and chose to peel the guard. I guess they just wanted to try to empty the house, but they certainly opened things up for MAN. But then after MAN taps 'em back a bit, ON puts up a guard... go figure. Maybe someone can offer an explanation in the comments?

Thurston tries triple whammy type run back but removes only one ON rock. ON guards such that Thurston will have a difficult time getting a second point. Thurston tries and angle tapback but whiffs on the target rock and removes her shot rock, giving ON a surprising steal of 2.
ON 10, MAN 3

End #8:
I guess if it weren't a tie-breaker for the play-offs, I'd have said it's over. And so we go back after a commercial and see that MAN agreed with me that they were not likely to come back.

Ontario wins, 10-3.

Alan is on tonight, covering Team Canada vs. PEI. Should be very good!



At 2/05/2010 5:12 p.m., Blogger hooper said...

Are they trying to force MAN to take a single? Get the hammer back and keep on pace for hammer in the 10th, assuming the game goes that long.

ON could let MAN even take a double without too much worry. I just don't know how important the 10th end hammer. But that's all I got.


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