Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well Holy Crow

After taking 4 in the 6th end to lead the Bronze medal game of the 2010 Women's World curling championships, and leading 7-2 over Sweden, Canada then gave up 3 in the 7th end to lead 7-5 with the hammer going into the 8th end.

In discussions with Hooper on a previous posting, we speculated about what is going on and whether the Jones rink will stay together after this.

One thing that seems so unusual is that both Jones and Overton-Clapham seem to be missing more key shots in the playoffs than they missed in the round robin. I know the curling stats don't really show this, but it sure looks that way. Also, both Ms. Eclectic and I wondered why Canada didn't try to keep the rings clearer in the 7th. Some of the decisions by Jones seem unusual at best.

For the future, Ms. Eclectic expects the Jones rink to go through a shake-up. But who would they replace? and with whom? One possibility might be to have someone else throw 4th stones, but again who? After watching so many of the games lately, I'm not sure any of the others would be better suited to throwing skip's stones.



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