Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saskatchewan Women's Curling Available on the Web

For those of you who would like to watch the playdowns to determine which women's team will represent Saskatchewan at the Scott Tournament of Hearts, there is live coverage available as a webcast here. The site is often very slow to load because it is being overwhelmed by viewers and others looking for information, but the coverage is a pleasant surprise in quality of picture and quality of commentary.

If I have a chance, I'd like to go to Outlook, SK, this weekend to watch the last two days of the tournament. If I go, I'll try to report live from there from time to time.

Addendum: There are several teams in this tournament whose names you will recognize. There are lots of good curlers in Saskatchewan. Let me add that the webcast really is quite good for this type of thing in a province with such a small population. The curlers in the feature games are miked, and there seem to be several different camera angles. Also the resolution is acceptable. The server overload and database problems seem endemic to curling (see our comments in recent years), but overall this is an impressive bit of webcasting.

I'm living in Regina for the next few months and looking forward to enjoy a lot of curling while I'm out here, including the Men's World Championship.

Update: The Saskcurl website is seriously overloaded, but using the direct link to their webcast sometimes lets you avoid that problem. Here is a one way to reach their webcast directly:

Free video streaming by Ustream



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