Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Scotland's FAIL against Canada

A little news-googling and I have a plausible answer to Doc's excellent question:
From the BBC:
Performance director Derek Brown explained: "After that, we were scrambling to get back into the game, taking chances and they were not coming off.
"We found ourselves 6-1 down and we thought it was better to have a clean break.
"We have back-to-back games and a tough schedule ahead of us and we thought it better to concentrate on the next one.
"We have 11 games and think we need to win seven or eight of them to make sure we are in the final four and going for medals."
OK this makes some sense. Let's roll over now to regain strength for the teams we should easily beat.
But what is a 'performance director'? Maybe I am utterly wrong and this shows the sport is doing so well teams can attach all sorts of staff to themselves.


At 4/06/2010 1:38 p.m., Blogger hooper said...

Wow. I'll try to respond to everything here rather than shotgunning the posts:

+ The Scotsman does have curling news up in their "other sports" section. I don't know why it wouldn't show up on a search, though. But perhaps their thin coverage has more to do with tight budgets for traditional media than thinness in Scottish curling - thereby forcing them to focus on the 'money' topics. After all, Scotland is still the second-deepest talent pool in the world.

+ While the Scottish concession obviously denied some extra curling to the fans, I don't mind the tactic for its own sake. Looking at the numbers, Scotland clearly wasn't curling well that morning. We've seen the big teams have 'those days' just like us, and in a round robin you can get away with a reboot, especially if you're a very clear favorite to the medal rounds.

+ From one grammar Nazi to another: I understand your pain.

+ Performance Director : Coach :: Administrative Assistant : Secretary :: Flight Attendant : Stewardess? Just my guess.


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