Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Scotland Quit after Just Six Ends in Loss to Canada?? Why?

According to the TSN website, Scotland lost to Canada at the 2010 Men's World Curling championship 6-2 and resigned after only six ends. I didn't see the game, did anyone else? What on earth happened?? Why would any team quit in that situation? Down four with four ends to go, even without the hammer, just doesn't seem like something one would expect in a world championship round-robin game.

Unfortunately, the TSN website has a story that contains a bunch of words but no news other than the score. blech.

And, of course, TSN didn't even webcast this game (at least not according to their schedule), a game between the only two undefeated teams at the tournament. What a frickn media disaster this has been.

Update: The Montreal Gazette has a longer "story" written by someone who wasn't there but who strung together a bunch of words based on the stats of the game.

Colour me "curmudgeon".

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