Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Toiling in Obscurity

Doc asked a great question about the Canada-Scotland match.
I thought, "I'll fool him and get an answer" and so I went to The Scotsman's web site, which has in the past provided me much useful information about curling in the UK.
In the sports section, top item is Tiger. OK golf is a Scottish sport. The there is a bunch of soccer, rugby (I suspect), and car racing. No hint of curling. Searches for "curling" and "Warwick Smith" come up utterly empty.
This confirms a trend I think I have been noticing - curling is slowly becoming irrelevant and unsustainable as a competitive sport. Sure, it's picking up in China and Japan, but it is dying away rapidly in its traditional areas of support. This would sadden me if I thought I was going to live another 40 years.


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