Friday, March 25, 2011


Well, I am inferring that the TSN coverage at the moment is live, as it synchronizes well with the on-line scoring (which is working quite well this morning). I had in part of my brain a notion that TSN had paid the organizers not to post the online scores, but it would be too much hard work to be synchronizing them now. :-)

First end is wide open and blanked by Canada.

In the second end some Canada misses let SUI populate the house. As Ott buries her first rock, Holland makes a perfect runback. Ott comes up light and CAN has a draw to the four-foot around a center guard for two. The draw gets a piece of the button.
CAN 2 - SUI 0

The third end is formed by the fact that the first Swiss rock does not make the hog line, depriving SUI of the planned corner guard, and CAN plays offensively. A later guarding error lets SUI clean up the house and sit on top of a CAN stone. A CAN freeze attempt on the pair bounces to the side. SUI remove that and sit. CAN do the same, but leave SUI a chance to move the rocks around, removing Canada's shot rock. Canada bumps the SUI shot out and rolls behind (Swiss) cover, leaving OTT a possible double. She misses and give CAN a steal of one.
CAN 3 - SUI 0

The fourth end is a war of draws and hit and rolls, leaving a lot of rocks in the house. By the first skip rock, SUI have a rock on the button, and lie two. Holland decides to freeze to the shot rock, with characteristic aggression. The freeze bumps and buries the SUI rock, with the shooter lying open. SUI leave Holland a double. She gets one and the shooter lies somewhat open. Ott needs a very delicate shot to score two. Her nose hit gets her the two.

The fifth end featured a nice display of personality. Amber Holland and Kim Schneider in the house discussing the next shot, and the front end calls out to point out one of the SUI rocks. Holland snapped back something to the effect of "Yes, I have it". Ott NEEDS a big draw to stop CAN from scoring a million. It runs long, leaving CAN a shot at three. They get two.
CAN 5 - SUI 2.

Canada move to a prevent defence in six, peeling merrily and keeping the house fairly clean. A CAN rock goes deep and bites at the back, and it's hard to tell if it is second shot. Ott is planning to hit and stay possibly for one. They take one (erasing the doubt about the second shot by running back onto their own rock.
CAN 5 - SUI 3.

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