Sunday, March 20, 2011

Canada versus Denmark at the Worlds

Well, I did not pay much attention until this morning, and I realized only then that TSN is broadcasting this live only online. Tape delay tonight but you guys I cannot do that.
What I find fascinating is that between ends, the broadcast goes dead silent. I really want to read that contract!
Anyway, Canada score 2 in the first end, something they could not do this morning (here in Canada) against Russia. I grant you they did steal one.

END #2: The middle of this end featured some really good shots. Kim Schneider's freeze was perfect. The Dane dislodging it was good. Later shots less so. Denmark did what it had to to take one in the second end.

In case anyone wonders, this is NO substitute for actual television coverage. That the world championship for women ranks below some useless NHL game (they have a million games to eliminate maybe a coupel of teams), and NASCAR is a pretty bad sign.

On the other hand, it really is a provilege to have Russ Howard doing the color commentary. He is superb.

END #3: Kim Schneider utterly buries a rock. Denmark wreck on a guard, and I am reminded that I will not see the Duponts this year. I always liked that Danish name.
Denmark try to bury and Holland decides on teh beter part of valor and draws to the four-foot.
CA 3 - DK 1

Why are the Danish women all dark-haired? Is this Henna gone crazy or is there some genetic force at loose in the land?

And I wish Russ Howard would talk about rocks lying where they are rather than laying. The latter just seems creepy.

END #4: I got dragged away in the middle but this end seemed a comedy of errors; not a single shot seemed to do what was hoped. In the end Denmark take one. And I have now noted that there is one Danish blonde.

This is not good. It seems we are in the sixth end. I know I did come in late.
So revise the end #s above up by one.

END #6: Canada in great shape after some great early freezes but a guard attempt comes too deep. Denmark give back a shot that does not make the hog-line. Canada do not profit immediately. Denmark post a guard. Holland's run-back is ineffectual. Denmark guard. Holland's draw attempt comes up way short and Denmark steal two.
DK 4 - CA 3

END #7: mostly a comedy of errors until Denmark's perfect last rock. Another short draw from Holland.
DK 6 - CA 3

END #8: Canada hit and stay for two after a very nice double by Denmark to reduce the threat.
DK 6 - CA 5

END #9: My mind wandered. And then TSN could not be persuadded to show me the match any more. And the WCF site with the scores was about as useless as it has been.

Well Denmark got one in 9 as I learn from WCF. TSN will not show me the end.

What a mess this sport is in.

BTW Denmark win 8-5 in the end.



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