Saturday, March 12, 2011

Semi-Final, Final Ends

END #9: I got caught up in the crowd clapping, and making various odd calls. In the process Guhue got his two.
NL 6 - ON 6

END #10: NL center guard, ticked perfectly into irrelevance, as the ON rock goes into the rings. NL center guard - ticked into the rings, leaving an ON rock out front. NL come around the two ON rocks. ON freeze to it (small gap) as shot. NL center guard - jam concerns on peels now. ON peel, no jam.
NL center guard. ON peel, no jam. Nichols' guard attempt just makes it across the hogline; Russ Howard points out that jams are more likely from out there. ON peel, no jam. Gushue now sit on ON shot rock and become shot. ON come in beside that rock, ON now shot. NL want to hit and roll into the four-foot. His shot punches out the ON rock but sitss. Howard has an open hit and stick for the win. Here it comes. He gets it!
ON 7 - NL 6

And the place erupts again, for the second time.

One more night - Stoughton - Howard.



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