Friday, March 11, 2011

The Kissing Your Sister Playoff

I understand the logic and purpose of the Page playoff system - reward the first and second place finishers relative to the third and fourth by making the playoffs a double elimination for the former and a single elimination for the latter. Moreover, this way we get an extra playoff game (and extra revenue).
The problem is that it creates tonight's match, the Page 1-2 playoff, which for those not accustomed to sports that extensively use double eliminations seems rather strange. It's a playoff but nobody goes off - the loser just goes somewhere else.
For this spectator at least, I find it hard to commit the same investment of attention in it as I would in a real elimination.
So I will be watching tonight, but not the way I will tomorrow, and Sunday evening.
And I expect one of us will blog about it, but on the assumption that most potential readers are watching scores on Curlcast (yes I know they tend to be on more than a seven-second delay), so we may just note noteworthy events or comments.



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