Thursday, March 10, 2011

Draw 17, The Final Episode? First half

The crowd is jumping and there's a near sell-out audience tonight. Lots and lots of folks are here to watch Ontario play Alberta on Sheet D, the opposite side of the ice from where we're sitting. Both teams are guaranteed spots in the playoffs, but ends up where in the standings depends on the outcomes of both the NL-Quebec game (on Sheet C) and the ON - AB game. There are possibilities of some intriguing transitivities and intransitivities in the final standings after the round robin.

But, for personal reasons, I'll also be keeping an eye on SK-NO playing on Sheet B.

End 1. After a Morris double, Howard missed two attempts at a triple, leaving Martin a chance to split a guard on to score three, but he scores only 2. Meanwhile NO scores two against SK, and Quebec scores two against NL.

End 2. $23.50 for two beers and a pretzel? That's what someone told me they paid here at the JLC. On Sheet B, SK and NO were headed for a blank, with only one rock in play....until one of Laycock's rocks sailed two feet wide of the only NO rock in the rings. And on Sheet D, Hart misses two run-backs, leaving AB in position to steal. Howard's first shot is a draw to the button frozen to an AB rock. Martin flashed, leaving a very tough draw for two for Howard. He came up a cm short and scored one. SK managed a blank, and NL scored two with a draw to the 4' by Gushue.

End 3. SK forced to take one in the third. Howard need a hit and roll but didn't get the roll, so Martin has a hit and stick for another 2. Meanwhile a mess of rocks in play, slowly chipped at by both NL and QC with skips' rocks to come. Quebec hits for only one.

End 4. Sheesh. People here have cowbells, horns (even a couple of vuvuzelas), and they yell a LOT; still before each match the idiots running the show ask us to turn off the ringers on our cell phones. I don't get it.

After some fun clowning around by Martin and Howard, Morris makes a truly fine double, leaving his shooter behind a corner guard. Hart attempts a freeze but bounces open. Nose hit by Martin leaves a possible double. Howard sorta almost got it, leaving his shooter exposed and two AB rocks in the outer 12' to lie 2. Howard is forced to draw for just one again. AB 4, ON 2.

On Sheet B, NO tapped a SK rock back in a crowded house to score 2 and leads 4-1. And on Sheet C, NL has a draw for four to lead QC 6-3.

End 5. SK takes one again. Martin draws around a guard; Howard tries to follow him and has shot rock but lies pretty-near open. With the hammer, Martin wrecks on a guard and ON steals one. AB 4, ON 3. And on Sheet C, NL is lying a bunch; QC must try to draw to the button to score one or at least cut down the NL score. Scores 1. NL 6, QC 4.

and break time.



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