Thursday, March 10, 2011

Draw 15, Morning Draw, 2nd half

End #6:
On Sheet B, Koe had a minor tap for two but tapped his own, giving up a steal of one more for ON. I want to ask Howard in the scrum how and why he managed to let NT score even one....what did he do wrong to allow that to happen? ON 9, NT 1.

Somehow on Sheet A, Manitoba had 4 rocks unguarded in the rings when the 3rds were throwing their rocks. Nichols (NL) doubled out 2 and saved his shooter, but Mead hit and stuck, to lie three. Then Gushue double out two more, losing his shooter, so Stoughton split the rings to try to preserve his two. But both were behind the t-line, so Gushue could have chosen to freeze to it, but instead hit and stuck; so did Stoughton to score two: MN 5, NL 3.

Query: What is with Gushue and his reluctance to freeze? I suspect he is concerned that if the freeze isn't perfect, then MN could score even more, but he really is showing a serious aversion to the freeze.

End #7:
Ontario lies two, Koe draws for one. Handshakes, finally. And with that, Ontario is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, not just a tie-breaker.

BC and PEI also shake hands after 7, BC defeating PEI 7-1.

And on Sheet A, NL blanks the 7th end in unnotable fashion.
MN 5, NL 3

End #8:
As the 8th end unfolds, MN has a serious miscue, trying to peel a corner guard and as the Vices begin their throws, MN has 3 rocks in the house, all behind the t-line, and NL has two in the house, one of which is in front of the T. Mead peels the NL rock behind the T, NL puts up a guard. MN peeled the guard and in the process removed their rock that was shot, but which was also providing backing for the NL rock in the rings. Not a bad outcome at all.

NL puts up another guard. MN peels. NL hits and rolls, lying 1-2. MN has a double opportunity, but it'll be a tough one to avoid a jam on the MN rock at the back of the rings. Big miss by Stoughton as the NL shot rock jammed on the back NL rock, which jammed onto the MN rock at the back, leaving an open draw for three for Gushue, which the sweepers dragged in.
MN5, NL6

End #9:
Only two games left: MN vs. NL, and SK vs. NB (they're tied at 4 in the 9th).
Manitoba blanked the 9th to retain the hammer coming home against Newfoundland. Down 1 with the hammer.

Meanwhile SK and NB blank the 9th as well, so NB will have the hammer in the 10th end.

End #10:
For some inexplicable reason NL began not keeping the end clear, and even though NL has two centre guards, MN has drawn around them to the top 4'. NL decides to draw down to that rock, leaving a potential in-off for MN to lie 2. ... hold on.... the front end of NL wants to discuss this plan a bit more. In the end, Nichols convinces Gushue that he can get get to the nose and tap the MN rock out and make the shot. Mead hits and sticks but then Gushue sneaks, paper-thin, past the guard to hid and roll behind the guards. Stoughton is a bit narrow his hit-roll attempt and misses his shot, just barely rubbing on the NL rock that is in the side 8'.

Joe Pavio and I agree that NL should put up a guard, and that's what they try, but Gushue's rock over-curls just a few inches, leaving a good-sized port for Stoughton try to go through in an attempt to tie the game and force an extra end. But he wrecks on the guard, and NL wins to also guarantee a spot in the playoffs.



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